Friday, July 19, 2019

 Summer Field

H: 5”  x  W:8”  x  D: 1.25”

Oak box, watercolor collage, glass beads, dyed silk crepe de chine, copper wire, steel pins


Series: Composition in Flux

Box #1

The back story…When I was eight or nine I remember traveling south to visit family. Anyone who has traveled any length in a car with an older brother knows one of two things can happen to pass the time: you either get tormented by the elder sibling by becoming the object of their boredom, or you make yourself invisible. So, between reading “Archie” comic books and putting hair and mustaches on the bald man with a magnetic wand, I passed the time and stayed invisible.

This box was the beginning foray into movable compositions---and a reflection on that time of my life when I really only had a few worries…

The beads run along the copper wire. Free beads roam in and out of the fabric.