Saturday, February 22, 2020

The beautiful corner mural is by my talented St. Louis friend Julie-Girl Krovika. For more of her artwork see "The Bakery" In Cuba, Missouri.


 Light Weave I

H: 5"  x  W: 7"  x  D: 1.25"

Oak box, Harmon glass, copper wire, dyed cotton gauze, dyed silk organza


Series: Mini Cathedrals*



 *Mini Cathedrals:

It occurred to me the little box was like a portable cathedral; somewhere in between Abbot Sugar’s “one true light,” and the portable icon panels of Byzantium. The box possessed the power to engage the viewer in a way I never thought possible; just add the candle power of the sun.

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Light Weave II

H: 5" x  W:8" x D: 1.25"

Oak Box, Harmon glass, copper wire, crystal and glass beads, dyed cotton cheese cloth, dyed silk organza


Series: Mini Cathedrals

I solved two problems with this box: inserting colored glass the full vertical length as in “warp” of a loom; and the addition of a bead run as weft across the width. The beads will run through the warp (glass) changing the composition with a slight tilt of the box.