Sunday, March 29, 2020

 Harmon Glass

 Welded steel, found objects, chunk glass, copper wire

H:     x    W:   x   D:   


The back story... 

In the eighties I had the great fortune to work for Robert Harmon of Arcadia, Missouri. Mr. Harmon was a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. He was hired by Emil Frei Jr. in 1938 to be the art director of his stained glass works in St. Louis, MO. He quickly established his strength in design. Many years later, he moved his studio to Arcadia Valley, Missouri. I worked on several projects created for parishes in and around Chicago, and also in St. Louis. The chunk glass used in this work was cullet from a parish job in New Orleans.

This piece pays homage to Mr. Harmon. I created it during a welding workshop under direction of Dr. Edwin Smith of SEMO University. I would like to thank Dr. Smith for showing me “how to strike the arc" giving me the power of fire. 

scroll down two-thirds of the way to see Robert Harmon's work with Emil Frei Studio in 1939.

Examples of Mr. Harmon's designs in glass: The church of St Michael and St George in St. Louis, Mo.