Friday, September 25, 2020

Bucolic Mural            1996              6 x 6'  

12 " Mexican terra cotta tiles, Amaco Underglazes, Chanticleer Transparent

 Mr. Clarke was fond of a beautiful Bavarian mural in August Busch Senior's restaurant, Bevo Mill, located at Morganford and Gravois in St. Louis, MO. He asked me to paint a version of it for the library room in the main house of Chanticleer Ceramics 711 Russell, Ironton, Missouri. Every tile fired without a crack except one that I was able to touch up with acrylic paint. A special thank you to Suzie Clarke for allowing me to photograph this work.

For more on Bevo Mill:

Look closely in the background of photo #9, to see the original Bavarian mural