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Bucolic Mural            1996              6 x 6'  

12 " Mexican terra cotta tiles, Amaco Underglazes, Chanticleer Transparent

 Mr. Clarke was fond of a beautiful Bavarian mural in August Busch Senior's restaurant, Bevo Mill, located at Morganford and Gravois in St. Louis, MO. He asked me to paint a version of it for the library room in the main house of Chanticleer Ceramics 711 Russell, Ironton, Missouri. Every tile fired without a crack except one that I was able to touch up with acrylic paint. A special thank you to Suzie Clarke for allowing me to photograph this work.

For more on Bevo Mill:

Look closely in the background of photo #9, to see the original Bavarian mural

chanticleer spanish floral


I worked for Chanticleer Ceramics AKA Chanticleer Pottery during the 80's and 90's as a designer and decorator. There was a staff of 5 artisans. Two worked in the mold room, and artists Sally Wilcox, Patricia O'Black, and I designed and painted dinnerware and murals. Artists Paul and Elaina came much later. Our work was sold throughout Missouri at high end retail shops (Byron Cade, Auhner's Greenhouse, LeLu's, Christopher’s, Mary Baer Fuller, and Lammert’s in St. Louis), Dallas Texas, South Padre Island Texas, Aspen Co, Kentucky, and Kansas. The following pieces are samples of some of dinner ware and tile murals I designed and painted during my tenure. 

Songs of Solomon


Founders Ethel and Chomyk often painted bees and ladybugs on their pieces. I paid homage to their legacy.


Near the end of the Golden Age of Chanticleer the writing was on the wall. Cheap imports from China were heading our way and customers now had choices for hand decorated ware. The decision was made to import white China bisque ware and call it, "Rooster Ware."  This unfired tea set was was not made in the shop, but rather imported from China and my decorated designs were applied. 

pd tea set cherry cropped

Chanticleer terra cotta platters, bowls, and casseroles. Chanticleer produced white and tourquoise glazed ware.

Notice the hand painted furniture.

Ethel and Mike (Choymk) painted all the furniture in the shop and in their home. Ethel attended The Chicago Institute of Art, and Mike, being Ukranian, was instructed in the traditional decorative arts. During the depression the pair gave painting lessons to the well-heeled class. Later, Mike painted murals in banks and other institutions throughout the mid-west.



This is one of the last designs I created for Chanticleer. 

Terra cotta serving platter with Tuscany design


Terra cotta champagne cooler with Tuscany design