Saturday, April 10, 2021


  Saturday Tea For Two

Low fire clay, underglazes


Photo by Paris Doty

This is one of those projects that just happened. I was trying to earn extra money and agreed to work Saturday School, designed for students who miss excessive days of school. Students are normally corralled in the library and serve their hours reading, texting (when we are not looking), or making up missed assignments. I brought them into the art room so I could work. I began with a closed spherical form and shaped the pot from there. I cut holes in the top and spout areas and fashioned a lid and stubby spout to fit. The cups were cylindrical forms first. I enjoyed the challenge of turning that form into an expanding square. I added a serpentine handle. For texture I nicked the leather-hard unfired surface with a wooden tool. I finished the pot and the two cups over three Saturday schools.



Jomon Vessel

Low fire clay, Amaco under glazes, matt transparent, shells and rope for texture

 12 x 4"


Jomon means "cord" and pottery made using these markings was found over 10,000 years ago in what we now call Japan. The work is identified by the shells and cord pressed into the clay body for decoration. Of course, I took liberties-Jomon pottery is always red clay and without color glaze. Thank you, Professor Amy Kephardt, for introducing me to this culture and their distinctive and elegant pottery.

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Barn Red Vessel