Saturday, April 10, 2021

  The Land of Big Windy

In the 90’s I developed a multi-media project for children. The project included an award winning song, a line of clothing for children, and the initial the book, “Tall, Tall, and Tales from the Land of Big Windy."  As hard as I tried to market the project, it really was the wrong time. Nonetheless, it gives me pleasure to present some of the illustrations.

lilly on high wire

Lilly Lottaleggs on the High Wire        Gouache , watercolors,  ink 1995


Aunt Ida's Kitchen        Gouache , watercolors,  1995


Double page spread: The Circus that Ran Away    

 Gouache , watercolors,  ink 1995





'Shroom Family Photo      Gouache , watercolors,  1995

 Above Cave Waysmall        Gouache , watercolors,   1995