Friday, March 05, 2021




I played tennis in high school. I don't remember much except that I gave up too soon. I started playing tennis again. What a crazy sport; you get to wear those adorable little outfits and love means you are losing. I play my daughter and my girlfriend Carmen. Carmen is amazing. She can carry on a great conversation and send rockets across the court. I get a game in on Carmen when she is really into a conversation. She thinks I am listening, but actually I am fighting for a point. My daughter however, always beats me. I judge how I am doing by the degree in which she beats me. If I get a few good shots in on her or win a game, I am improving! When I first returned to the courts, she would reluctantly play me. It was, I realized later, an act of obligation. She tried not to dash my enthusiasm. Now, when she suggests a game I know one of two things has occurred: either she had a bad day and needs to beat someone, or she requires a little challenge. Either way I love to get out on the court. The courts shown here are located in Potosi, Missouri. School colors anyone?